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Our on-demand Styku 3D body surface scanning service gives you the perfect measurement, goal tracking, and motivation system for your wellness journey.  

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Welcome to the Future Health Fitness Blog where it’s our goal to educate, inspire, and entertain you.  We cover everything from diet and nutrition advice, to exercise, and psychology. It’s all about giving you the best information to take charge of your health and fitness, and overall wellness.

How 3D body scanning changes the game for trainers and their clients 2

How 3D body scanning changes the game for trainers and their clients

Recently we collaborated with Jamie Michalak; Director and Head Coach/Trainer at Adelaide’s Anatomy Fitness to see how our scanners changed his 8-Week challenges, and what that meant for his clients.Our data, added to his programming, produced some fantastic results. Our system can give all trainers a serious data advantage. SOLVING THE WEIGHT DILEMNA FOR TRAINERS One of...

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Styku report example

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]We wanted to show you a Styku report example so you know exactly what to expect after a 3D body scan from us.We chose the Styku scanning system to base our Future Health Fitness platform on because its visual reporting system has incredible power to motivate.Being able to see a snapshot of your body, with...

Future Heath Fitness and Styku Health and Wellness Scanning

How Styku health scanning works

How Styku's health and wellness scanning tool came from gaming hardware How Styku’s scanning hardware works is quite remarkable. It offers safe, affordable, portable, and highly accurate surface scanning. What’s more remarkable though is where it came from. It’s a case of a product that failed in its original market, only to be successful in another.The...