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Our on-demand Styku 3D body surface scanning service gives you the perfect measurement, goal tracking, and motivation system for your wellness journey.  

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Styku report example

We chose the Styku scanning system to base our Future Health Fitness platform on because its visual reporting system has incredible power to motivate.Being able to see a snapshot of your body, with full composition and measurement data, means you don't have to interpret crude measures like the number on your scales or a BMI calculation. Knowing exactly what you're made of, and being able to measure changes over time, means you can make better decisions on your health and wellness plans. Our customers to date have loved having the tangible and visual baseline to work from.It's meant happier, and...

How Styku health scanning works

How Styku's health and wellness scanning tool came from gaming hardware How Styku’s scanning hardware works is quite remarkable. It offers safe, affordable, portable, and highly accurate surface scanning. What’s more remarkable though is where it came from. It’s a case of a product that failed in its original market, only to be successful in another.The infrared camera within the Styku’s scanning tower began life as Microsoft Kinect V2 hardware. Microsoft spent years developing an accurate, safe, compact, and affordable depth sensing and motion tracking system to use with XBox gaming systems. Its original intention was to track body movements so...

Styku surface scan Vs DEXA scan

Styku’s system mixes precise scanning hardware with a calculation algorithm that gives highly accurate body composition data that is within a few percent of a DEXA scan’s results.It all begins with the link between the body’s external surface and internal composition. The close relationship between the two has been known for decades and has been the basis of traditional body composition calculations. The problem has always been the human error and inaccurate tools. The calipers and measuring tape can give wildly differing results depending on who is doing the measuring. If they’re not measuring at very specific “body landmarks” and...