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Our on-demand Styku 3D body surface scanning service gives you the perfect measurement, goal tracking, and motivation system for your wellness journey.  

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How 3D body scanning changes the game for trainers and their clients

Recently we collaborated with Jamie Michalak; Director and Head Coach/Trainer at Adelaide’s Anatomy Fitness to see how our scanners changed his 8-Week challenges, and what that meant for his clients.Our data, added to his programming, produced some fantastic results. Our system can give all trainers a serious data advantage. SOLVING THE WEIGHT DILEMNA FOR TRAINERS One of the most enduring fitness fallacies is that reduced body weight is good and increased body weight is bad. Many people gauge their health, or change in their health, by the number they see on the scales.That creates a major problem for personal trainers; how do...

dexa scan alternative

Is 3D body scanning a DEXA scan alternative?

Claiming to be a DEXA scan alternative service is bold. DEXA is the benchmark body composition measurement after all. So we got our own DEXA scans, then immediately compared them to our own Styku scanners to test whether we truly are a DEXA scan alternative. The results were very close indeed.We understand that a sample size of two people isn’t the most scientifically vigorous, but the point was comparing services as any customer would experience them. We went from a DEXA scan we paid for, and compared it to the next scan we did at our office as if we...

What we learned from the Corporate Cup

Corporate Cup has officially wrapped up and we wanted to share some learnings from it We wanted to get involved as sponsors of Corporate Cup because it was a philosophical match for us. Competitors are taking active steps to improve their health and fitness with a time-based, structured challenge. Our scanning system's best asset is accurate and consistent measurement over time so we were able to crunch the data on changes in Corporate Cup competitors we scanned multiples times. THE RESULTS The good news is that the vast majority of scanned clients did make positive change. Average change was a loss of half...

dexa scan alternative

The power of precise body measurements

We started Future Health Fitness to give everyone accurate measurement data to make positive health choices, give an effective motivation tool, and a better way to track their progress. So, it was time to practice what we preach and I decided to take on a 12 week challenge. I was a perfect candidate for a rapid, behaviour-changing challenge. Historically I have always been a fit and active person however I am now heading for my 50’s at a startling rate and have been in a desk job for the past few years. The healthier body of my 30s was changing and...