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What we learned from the Corporate Cup 1

What we learned from the Corporate Cup

Corporate Cup has officially wrapped up and we wanted to share some learnings from it

We wanted to get involved as sponsors of Corporate Cup because it was a philosophical match for us. Competitors are taking active steps to improve their health and fitness with a time-based, structured challenge. Our scanning system’s best asset is accurate and consistent measurement over time so we were able to crunch the data on changes in Corporate Cup competitors we scanned multiples times.


The good news is that the vast majority of scanned clients did make positive change. Average change was a loss of half a kilogram of weight. But that doesn’t tell the full story and this is why we focus more on body composition. Repeat scanners lost an average of over a kilogram of body fat, gained 600g of muscle, and their waistlines shrank by 2.5 cm on average.

Average results for Corporate Cup competitors we scanned multiple times

Impressive results when you consider this is the average across Corporate Cup competitors we scanned multiple times!


So, beyond the average we have some super results from people with very relatable situations.

One new parent was struggling to re-gain their physique after having kids. They worked very hard and we measured a remarkable change, trimming 4 cm from the waist, 1.9 kg of fat, and a loss of 2.9 kg overall.

What we learned from the Corporate Cup 2

We scanned one person who’d had a recent health scare. They were using the Corporate Cup and our scanning services to kickstart some life changes. In only 12 weeks we measured a loss of 2.8kg of fat mass, and a gain of 3.2 kg of muscle. That’ll help with the half marathons planned before the end of the year!

Finally, and a great example of why body composition is crucial, was one Corporate Cup competitor who put on 600g. That included a loss of 1.5 kg of fat and gaining 2.1 kg of muscle. We also measured a massive 5.8 cm reduction in waist size. Most important was the reduction in health risks. They dropped from “At Risk” to “Average” in only a few weeks and will continue to reduce that over longer time period thanks to their lifestyle changes.

What we learned from the Corporate Cup 3WHERE THERE’S A WILL

We spoke to many Corporate Cup competitors about their targets and goals, but we also asked about their struggles. Some people are self-motivating and keep themselves on track. Most people aren’t though.

Both the Corporate Cup, and our body scanning service, represent the external accountability and structure that many people need when they’re trying to make changes. So many have a strong desire to do something but are unsure of where to start. Just getting out of the office to exercise a couple of times per week can be a crucial initial action. Then, seeking an accurate and consistent measurement tool to gauge change can be the other half. The adage that “without a goal you can’t score” fits this situation. We’re all about goal tracking, and we can both help you set and measure them.


We’ve seen the power of how our scanning service can help individuals get motivated, empower them with knowledge, and measure progress. Head over to our Bookings page if you’re interested in health scanning. You can also see Examples of our health reports so you know exactly what you’re getting.

We’re continuing our momentum from Corporate Cup and looking for businesses and companies who’d like to improve the health and happiness of their staff. We have a full service offering you can read about on our Corporate Wellness Services page.

We’re already looking forward to what we can do for Corporate Cup next year!

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