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My health and wellness journey: Part 1 - Setting the Scene 1

My health and wellness journey: Part 1 – Setting the Scene

Quite often professionals neglect their own training and knowledge for whatever reason until things start going downhill.  Recently, after many months of procrastination, I started my own health and wellness journey and thought what better way to promote the relaunch of Future Health Fitness than to put myself in the spotlight.


The last few years for most people has certainly been tough and the pressures of modern life have got to most, I am definitely one of them.  Juggling family, multiple projects, business and consulting in the healthcare area and the uncertainty of COVID shutdowns, I saw both my physical and mental health decline to a point I couldn’t ignore it any longer.

I am lucky enough to have all the knowledge and technology to get myself to a better health and wellness place.  I have decided to make this a multi part series of blog posts and hope to get into why and how I chose the path I did.  One thing I am keen on achieving is making this process simple, we are talking small lifestyle changes that anyone can do and achieve the results that will bring wellness.

What is Health and Wellness for me?

It is such and personal thing, some people want the perfect physic, or the strongest, the fastest, others eating healthy, others feeling mentally fit.  I think we can all agree that health and wellness is all the above, at least small amounts.

I have had bouts of great health and wellness throughout my life, but the last 9 years has been a struggle to have the mental space and dedication to it.  There have been many injuries and illnesses that I don’t want to go into at this stage and they have allowed me to have my excuses, but not any longer.

At the core of who I am, I am a creative and to be a creative I need the mental fitness over physical and I knew that was key in getting and maintaining my health and wellness.  If I am mentally fit I can do anything, and if I am mentally fit I have the clarity to be creative in my personal endeavours.

My Goals

The goal for me is to get my weight down, to around the 87kg mark for starters and see where things go from there.  Mentally and physically I need to repair myself and so will start there.


I’ll be honest the planning side of my health and wellness transformation was very quick, I had become so unhappy with how I felt, and I had to do something.  My planning was bringing everything I had learnt over the past 4 years at every level; measurement tools, diets, exercise, pathology and microbiome all in one place.

I started to execute the plan a couple weeks before I started measuring, I didn’t expect I could maintain my own goal due to working and family so only organised blood and stool samples 2 weeks in.

Really it came down to “I need to start tomorrow! I am not well I need to do something now”!


I am lucky enough to have technology surrounding me to monitor just about every part of my body which will help immensely in this process.  The key tools are as follows:

By far the most important tool is Styku, it gives me the most accurate information I need to make changes to my program.  During the last 4 months I used the scanner 6 times, giving me the information and back up knowledge of what my other wearables and IoT tools were giving me.  Styku is the TRUTH!

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There is so much information and studies out there on diets, ones that work and some that don’t, you can go down massive rabbit holes with the information that is out there.  I knew I had to pick one and go with it, I knew that with the results I was looking for there was only one and that would be a ketogenic (or ‘keto’) diet is a low-carbohydrate, high-fat diet.

I have read and watch content that suggested that Keto would allow me to lose overall body fat, increase gut health and efficiency, balance my glucose and insulin levels and more importantly heal my fatty liver issues that seemed to be getting worse over time.  3 months was what I planned so if it didn’t work then I could try something else, I was focused on getting the results.

I will be concentrating on more cruciferous vegetables; cabbages, kale, broccoli, and cauliflower as a way to increase the benefits to my liver and wellbeing.  Cruciferous vegetables are also in season here in Australia so at their best and cheap.  Eggs will also be a main source of protein and fats along with beef (grass fed and finished), chicken (organic) and pork (organic).  I will write some recipes and meal ideas to help those interested.

I have found some great information from two specific youtubers Dr Eric Berg and Dr Sten Ekberg both explain keto in a fantastic manner, making it easy to understand and use in my planning.  I’ve added two specific videos that will help you make the decision if keto is good for you.

Intermittent Fasting

Pairing the keto diet with intermittent fasting was a no brainer again with all the resources pointing to both working in harmony in increasing fat loss and gut health.  16:8 was the plan, I would consume my Basal Metabolic Rate BMR (approx. 1900 calories a day) over 2 meals.  In my case lunch and dinner and then fast till lunch the next day.

I was also interested in looking into bullet proof coffee to break the fast, I had read some for and some against so this would be purely a test and would drop it if I felt it not necessary.

health and wellness - intermittent fasting

Physical Activity

My only interest now is to lose weight and feel good mentally and physically again.  I am not looking for ripped muscles or perfect posture this is purely to get me to a form that I can build on, a blank canvas if you will.

I had some time in the morning and evenings to do something physical, as most people do.  I have decided to purely work with what I could easily achieve, brisk walks (both around 40 mins and 4km each), pairing this with some crunches (2 x 30 a day), planking (3 x 1min) and some push ups (3 x 10 a day).  Let’s see how things go.

Cycling is certainly something I would like to get back into but for starters will focus on the items above.

My goal is to achieve 10,000 steps + per day and expend around 800 extra calories per day above my BMR.

My numbers

So here are the starting numbers at a basic level.

Age: 43

Height: 197cm

Weight: 100.8kg

Known issues: Overweight, Asthma, High Cholesterol 6.5 total

General health: uncomfortable in my gut, fatigue, bad sleeping habits, brain fog possible undiagnosed depression

Start your own health and wellness transformation
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