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Waist Shape Measurements Baseline

Baseline Measurements: Part 2 of My health and wellness journey

Taking Health and Wellness Measurements

Doesn’t have to cost a fortune – Some free tools

Scales are a great start, combined with your height measurement you can easily work out your BMI as a starting point.  Below is a simple to use calculator that will give you something to follow and check in as part of your weigh in’s daily.

BMIWeight Status
Below 18.5Underweight
18.5 - 24.9Healthy
25.0 - 29.9Overweight
30.0 - and AboveObese
* BMR Metabolic Rate / BMI Body Mass Index

Have a smart phone?  You possibly already have an app installed that can gather your activity levels, sleep patterns and give you some valuable feedback.  If you don’t try one of the following apps on either iOS or Android phones.

Another fantastic measurement tracker is MyFitnessPal and in most cases the free version is all you will need.  It will allow you to log your meals each day and it will do all the hard calorie and nutrient splits for you.

Another great feature is the barcode scanner, most of the foods from around the world can be added easily by scanning the barcode and adding to your recipes.

Highly recommended as it is a great education tool and will teach you so much about what you are consuming.  Download MyFitnessPal below

Free over purchased tools

Although the above tools are great to a certain point, I was looking for more information, accuracy and data integration.  I am a geek at heart.

Below I have outlined the measurement sources I am using for the next few months.

What I am using to track all my measurements

It is important to take the measurements at a similar time each day.  I am using my Withings scales and blood pressure monitor at around 7:30am each day usually after a black coffee or other fasting drink.


I have been using Styku at Future Health Fitness for many years due to it level of detail and accuracy.  From one 35 second scan I have access hundreds of measurements down to an accuracy of 2mm which means even the smallest change can be seen and measured.  Check out a previous blog post on the Styku process and how it works.

Styku allows for tracking all measurements over time and allows for change in work outs or diet depending on the results.  One of my favorite measurements is the DEXA Analysis; muscle, fat and bone mass in % and kg/lbs.

Below you can see all the baseline measurements from Styku


I started measuring 4 days into starting, I know bad planning but Easter was a week or two away and was going to start after but I got great momentum and continued.

Full NameNathaniel PeekBody Fat %28.0%
Age43Fat Mass27.3 kg
GenderMaleLean Mass67.0 kg
Height & Weight196 cm & 97.4 kgBody Fat % RankYour body fat % rank is At Risk
Scan Date14/03/2022 8:10:45 AMComparison RankLower body fat than 30% of your peers
LocationFuture Health FitnessBMR2095 Calories/day
Health Risks20% higher than ideal
Body Composition Measurements Baseline
Waist Shape Measurements Baseline
Health Risk Measurements Baseline


Baseline Measurements: Part 2 of My health and wellness journey 1
BMR Measurements Baseline

Withings Products

I have access to 3 of Withings products which will allow be to both backup some of the Styku data but also allow me to maintain measurements while at home.

The products are easy to use and with their Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity these IoT products make gathering the data straight forward.

Scan Watch

Measurements using Withings Scanwatch
  • Heart Health Monitoring
    • On demand Electrocardiogram
    • Atrial Fibrillation Notification
    • Proactive Heart Rate Tracking
    • Day and Night Heart Rate
  • Breathing Disturbance Tracking
    • Oxygen Saturation Level
  • Sleep Analysis
    • Sleep Score
    • Sleep Cycle
    • Night Heart Rate
    • Overnight SP02
    • Smart Wake-Up
  • Activity Tracking
    • Step Tracker
    • Workout Mode
    • Connect GPS

Body + Scales

Measurements using Withings Body + Scales
  • Full Body Composition Analysis
    • BMI
    • Water
    • Muscle Mass
    • Fast Mass
    • Bone Mass
  • Instant Weight Trend
  • Tailor your health insights
  • Proactive Goal Setting

BPM Connect

Measurements using Withings BPM Connect
  • Medically accurate blood pressure & heart rate
  • Immediate results
Baseline Measurements: Part 2 of My health and wellness journey 2
Baseline Measurements: Part 2 of My health and wellness journey 3
Baseline Measurements: Part 2 of My health and wellness journey 4

Blood and Stool Pathology

I am very interested in my blood work on this journey as I know I have some telling signs that my body is starting to struggle in it’s current guise.  Total Cholesterol, liver and kidney function along with the usual vitamin all need to be checked especially with the keto diet I am about to start.

Along with blood work I am keen to know more about my Microbiome, in research it is often here where the biggest changes will occur.  Of course, it isn’t the most pleasant test to do but the results will be well worth it and I might as well get used to it as Microbiome is something I am keen on measuring through the remainder of my life.

At the same time I am getting tested for some hereditary illnesses that are in my family, Celiac and Crohn’s, worth testing at the same time to be sure.

For both I was off to the GP to get my pathology referral.

My numbers

So here are the starting numbers at a basic level.

Age: 43

Height: 197cm

Weight: 100.8kg (basic scales)

Known issues: Asthma, High Cholesterol 6.5 total

General health: uncomfortable in my gut, fatigue, bad sleeping habits, brain fog most of the time

Part 3: Nutrition

Nutrition is something I have been researching for the last few years so you can imagine I have a planned out pathway base on my goal outcomes and current health and wellness situation.

I am not looking at going into calorie deficit or starving my body of nutrients but finding a balance that my body is happy with while also trying some interesting strategies that have been tested.  Will they work for me?  Time will only tell.

Stay tuned

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