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How 3D body scanning changes the game for trainers and their clients 1

How 3D body scanning changes the game for trainers and their clients

Recently we collaborated with Jamie Michalak; Director and Head Coach/Trainer at Adelaide’s Anatomy Fitness to see how our scanners changed his 8-Week challenges, and what that meant for his clients.

Our data, added to his programming, produced some fantastic results. Our system can give all trainers a serious data advantage.


One of the most enduring fitness fallacies is that reduced body weight is good and increased body weight is bad. Many people gauge their health, or change in their health, by the number they see on the scales.

That creates a major problem for personal trainers; how do you communicate to people that weight gain can be a positive thing, or that weight loss is not inherently good? Effective training and nutrition planning will see both a reduction in fat mass and an increase in lean mass but that’s traditionally difficult or expensive to measure.

The body scanners solve that problem with their body composition metrics, and give circumference measurements as an added bonus.

Jamie described the benefits of working with body composition;

“By analysing the different body composition it gives us a great understanding of ‘you did this, you dropped X amount of body fat, you gained X amount of lean muscle mass.’ We can interpret that data quite clearly to them if there’s no apparent scale change. So they’ll get an understanding of how they’re getting good results and it’s not just about weight mass.”


All trainers write their programs with the attitude that clients will be successful if they follow it. That’s a big if though. We now give PTs a way to measure that if – and better motivate their clients.

Our program with Anatomy Fitness included a scan midway through the 8 weeks to gauge progress from clients, and to give Jamie some valuabe feedback.

How 3D body scanning changes the game for trainers and their clients 2

Trainers and nutritionists have to rely on the brief interactions they have with clients to assess the program’s effectiveness without solid data to give crucial context. It’s difficult to gauge client compliance as well because they might not be fully forthcoming with how strictly they’re following instructions.

Body scanners solve that problem as Jamie states;

“[scanning] helps with client compliance in terms of figuring what they’re putting into the training and nutrition. It gives me feedback on what kind of results we’re getting and how fast, slow, or moderate those results are happening. We can discuss where they are at, what their compliance is, and what more do they need out of the current programming.”


Everybody wins when clients achieve results or exceed their own expectations on your program. Having scanners as objective and consistent measurement can be the crucial confirmation they need.

There’s plenty of proxy measurements for positive change; clothes feeling tighter or looser depending on the goals, comments or compliments from others, or a changed reflection in the mirror. The scanners give an added layer of data and another way to visualise transformation. Clients will now how their body composition has changed, be able to see their 3D avatar, and see their circumference overlaid on top of each other. Read How 3D body scanning changes the game for trainers and their clients 3

For trainers like Jamie, he’s able to strengthen his communication with reliable data. Every measurement stands as a proof of concept for his service, both re-enforcing the quality of his work to current clients and standing as customer acquisition data for future clients. In the end, the data presented above is a powerful endorsement for him.

The ultimate goal is client happiness. Stories like this are the most satisfying for us and for Jamie;

“One in particular came up to me and showed me a picture of her in a dress. She hadn’t worn a dress in 5 or 10 years. She felt really uncomfortable. But she came up to me and said ‘I wanted to show you, I wore this dress and I felt really comfortable in it.’ If we can do that for someone psychologically then that’s the job.”


We have an Affiliate Program where partnering businesses can send clients to be scanned at our headquarters in Gawler Place. We also run on-demand scan services where we can come to you. Contact Us if you’d like to talk more about our scan services.

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