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How we can help you stay healthy in challenging times 1

How we can help you stay healthy in challenging times

We’re here to say that we’re still open for business, but it’s certainly not business as usual.

During these times, we’re focusing on how our services can help people stay healthy with current challenges. Beyond the immediate health crisis, there’s high likelihood of general health decay in the broader population from:

  • cancellation of sport
  • closure of gyms and exercise classes
  • discouraging of unnecessary travel
  • working from home.

We’re fully committed to our clients and are constantly adjusting to make sure we can keep working towards improving their health.

There’s still an opportunity to build a healthier, and more resilient version of yourself despite all of the current challenges. Below is a list of how we’re adapting our services to better reflect how people are likely to be living for the coming months. As ever, our goal is to keep you healthy.


We’re still operating our scanning business with some adjustments for the current conditions:

  • No multi-person bookings. Only one person at a time can come into our office.
  • 30 minute timeslots for 20 minute services. We’re minimising the potential for client crossover to keep contact down.
  • Distanced consulting. We’re keeping our consultants and clients separated in adherence with distancing advice.
  • Cleaning all surfaces used in consults between appointment. We always cleaned scanner equipment but we’ll be adding all tables, door handles, and chairs to the cleaning routine.

In many ways, it has never been more important to monitor your health and track how it changes over the coming months. We’ll be here to help you stay health as long as we can.

Don’t hesitate to Book a scan; we’re taking precautions to make sure it’s done safely.

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We’re still putting together, or altering existing, health and wellness programs for our clients as they transition to exercising at home. With our body scanning still running we’re still able to measure and track health and physical change over time.

We’re making some adjustments to programs:

  • Making sure all exercises are doable from home. We’re focusing on building bodyweight-only programs for people who don’t have any equipment.
  • Adjusting for any equipment you do have. We’re catering for people who do have a home gym as well, or even the basics like a kettlebell or freeweights. Even a yoga mat is enough for us to tailor an exercise program!
  • Setting realistic and achievable movement targets for every person.

Learn more about our Health and Wellness Plans.

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We’re pivoting our training services to go fully online! If you’ve got a phone and an internet connection, we can run you through a full PT session. We’ve priced it at $30 for 30 minutes to make it the best value 1-on-1 session for people wanting to keep fit at home.

We will:

  • talk with you on the phone before your first session about your training goals and equipment
  • plan a workout for you
  • run through a 30 minute session with you
  • monitor your form and technique to make sure you avoid injury.

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We’re helping people adapt to a home-based eating and exercising. Our primary service is health scanning, but we’re already building health plans for people that don’t use them

These home health plans include:

  • A full consultation using the online chat services like Skype or Zoom.
  • Exercise programs tailored for you and tracked in our Future Health Fitness App.
  • Macro-nutrrient diet programing and calorie tracking.
  • Ongoing communication with messaging and phone calls to check on your progress.

We’re keeping these plans agile, and building them to customer needs so email us if you’d like to talk about getting a Home Health Plan built. We’ll build it to your needs.

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