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Our on-demand Styku 3D body surface scanning service gives you the perfect measurement, goal tracking, and motivation system for your wellness journey.  

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Nutritionist Services

Our affiliate nutritionist Carol Quelch from Nutrition Unwrapped offers a suite of services to help people achieve their wellness goals.

For most people, diet is the single most important factor for general wellness and weight loss. Exercise has truly wonderful positive benefits for the body but food and nutrition is where the biggest health gains are made. We chose Carol as our affiliate nutritionist because she takes a client-focused approach and tailors her services to meet your needs.

First Nutritionist Consult

Your first nutritionist consult will focus on your medical history, diet, lifestyle, and food preferences. Carol will discuss your health and wellness goals to determine a program that best suits your needs.

Your personal information will then be used to design a tailored meal plan that you can enjoy and follow with ease. Our goal is to change your habits long term through a healthy lifestyle that balances health and great food.

Nutritionist consults can include an optional half price 3D body scan for $22.50, normally $45. That’ll set your health benchmarks and give you body composition and circumference measurements to track through your transformation. The 3D scanner is the ultimate measuring tool to gauge your success.

First consult

    • 75 minute consultation
    • Medical history assessment
    • Optional half price ($22.50) 3D body scan to set your benchmark
    • Eating habits and food preferences analysis
    • Fully tailored meal plan and recipes

Follow-up Nutritionist Consult

Your follow-up consult will make ensure you’re on track to achieve your health and wellness goals.

The effects of your new plan on lifestyle, physical health, and mental wellbeing  will be assessed. Changes can be made if necessary to ensure its easy to follow.

You can have an optional half price 3D body scan to track the changes from when you started your program with us. See an example health report to know exactly what you’ll get.

Follow-up consults

    • 30 minute consultation
    • Lifestyle and eating habit follow-up
    • Optional half price ($22.50) 3D body scan to measure your physical changes
    • Adjusted food preferences and recipes