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Our on-demand Styku 3D body surface scanning service gives you the perfect measurement, goal tracking, and motivation system for your wellness journey.  

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Our Dietitian Services

Our affiliate Dietitian Adeline Wong from Nutri4Life offers a suite of dietitian services to help people achieve their wellness goals.

For most people, diet is the single most important factor for general wellness and weight loss. Exercise has truly wonderful positive benefits for the body but food and nutrition is where the biggest health gains are made. We chose Adeline as our affiliate Dietitian because she takes a client-focused approach and tailors her services to meet your needs.

Adeline Wong - Dietician Nutri4Life

At NUTRI4Life dietitian nutrition services, we aim to support clients to create a healthy and happy life and enjoy their nutrition food intake. We continue to focus to understand clients’ needs and work together with them in putting strategies to support them in making sustainable lifestyle changes and improve health outcomes and quality of life.

What to expect in your dietitian consult?

We individually tailor our consultations for each client’s health goals and needs, providing a wealth of nutrition science knowledge and ongoing support to empower our clients to make informed decisions and achieve their best health outcomes.

Initial Consult – 60 mins ($155.00)

During your first consultation we will:

  • Discuss the reason for your visit and work together with you to identify and address your health-focused goals, as well as your values, goals, and motivation for change
  • Review your current dietary intake
  • Develop a detailed assessment of your current nutritional needs, lifestyle and eating habits based on the information you provide
  • Work together with you to identify simple strategies to achieve both your short and long-term goals, including dietary and lifestyle changes and strategies to overcome any potential barriers.
  • Post-session you will receive a detailed nutrition report with actionable steps to achieve your goals, and any relevant handouts or resources via email and/or hard copy.
  • Includes email support
  • An additional $50 for personalised 7-day meal plan and include 1 review adjustment of meal plan (optional)

Review Session – 30 mins ($80)

During your subsequent consultations, we will:

  • Work together with you to review your progress towards and whether your nutrition plan working for you
  • Identify where you are succeeding and what difficulties you might be facing in achieving your goals
  • Continue to provide ongoing support, strategies, and adjustments to empower you to achieve your nutrition and health related goals
  • We also offer ongoing support in between consultations via email

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