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Our on-demand Styku 3D body surface scanning service gives you the perfect measurement, goal tracking, and motivation system for your wellness journey.  

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Styku report example

We wanted to show you a Styku report example so you know exactly what to expect after a 3D body scan from us.

We chose the Styku scanning system to base our Future Health Fitness platform on because its visual reporting system has incredible power to motivate.

Being able to see a snapshot of your body, with full composition and measurement data, means you don’t have to interpret crude measures like the number on your scales or a BMI calculation. Knowing exactly what you’re made of, and being able to measure changes over time, means you can make better decisions on your health and wellness plans. Our customers to date have loved having the tangible and visual baseline to work from.

It’s meant happier, and more motivated customers for the personal trainers and gyms we’ve done group scan sessions for. Those clients are already putting in the hard work, and now they can have the accurate measurement of their success.

Styku’s scanners start by taking 600 infrared images and building a full 3D model of your body accurate to within 2 mm. Then a report is generated with all that measurement data, showing you an incredible variety of visualisations.

Styku report example 1

This is the

The laser scanner takes all of the guess work out of measuring your progress. Weight scales and BMI aren’t robust enough to show your true physical changes.

Your first scan gives you:

  • Body composition data including; muscle, body fat, and bone density.
  • Full body circumference measurements.
  • Limb volume measurements.
  • Fat loss calculators.
  • Activity and calorie expenditure calculators.
  • Health risks.

We send you a full PDF of your report. See the bottom of the page for downloadable examples.

Future scans give you all the data above and a detailed progress report showing exactly how your body has changed.


Below are examples of what you get from your Styku report.

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