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Styku surface scan Vs DEXA scan

The Styku surface scan mixes precise scanning hardware with a calculation algorithm that gives highly accurate body composition data that is within a few percent of a DEXA scan’s results.

It all begins with the link between the body’s external surface and internal composition. The close relationship between the two has been known for decades and has been the basis of traditional body composition calculations. The problem has always been the human error and inaccurate tools. The calipers and measuring tape can give wildly differing results depending on who is doing the measuring. If they’re not measuring at very specific “body landmarks” and taking great care to use and read their instruments correctly then the accuracy is very low.

Enter Styku’s scanning tower with its infrared system. The infrared system measures the body’s surface to within 2 mm accuracy. It’s the ideal measuring tool to make internal composition calculations from. The next stage was developing a robust calculation system.


dexa scan alternative - At Future Health Fitness


Styku call it “Phoenix” and it’s quite a remarkable piece of machine learning. Styku developed the Phoenix algorithm by benchmarking from a DEXA scanning machine. They carried out hundreds of DEXA and Styku laser scans, found the external body landmarks that were best at predicting DEXA’s results, and built Phoenix to look calculate from those. It removes the human measurement and calculation errors completely.

So, how does Styku’s body composition accuracy compare with DEXA? Studies have found it’s 94% as accurate for women and 92% for men.

So why not use a DEXA scan for your body composition if it’s more accurate? Great question! There’s a few reasons the Styku system is a great choice:

  • DEXA uses radiation. Styku uses a harmless infrared camera.
  • DEXA machines are big and very difficult to move around. Styku’s portable system is just a scan tower, rotating platform, and computer. That’s it!
  • DEXA machines cost from $40,000 to over $100,000. Even leasing them is prohibitively expensive. We are the distributor for Styku scanners and Australian retail prices begin at just… That’s less than Bio-Impedence Analysis machines which give inferior results to Styku’s.
  • Speed. DEXA scans take 5-10 minutes. Styku scans take 30 seconds.

We use the Styku scanning system as part of our mobile scanning service. Get in contact if you’d like to talk more about scanning or use the button below to book a scan.

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