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Our on-demand Styku 3D body surface scanning service gives you the perfect measurement, goal tracking, and motivation system for your wellness journey.  

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At Future Health Fitness we scan your body with a 2 mm accuracy and provide you with a full health report and body compositional analysis. Then all you have to do is set your health and wellness goals.

Validate your progress and success with follow-up scans to actually see the changes happening to your body.

No more relying on scales or BMI calculations. Understand exactly how much fat you’ve lost, muscle you have gained and how many cm you have lost around your waist.

Don’t wait, now’s the time to act so book for your scan today!

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Your $45 scan includes:

  • Body composition analysis
  • Fat loss calculator
  • Calorie expenditure
  • Risk analysis
  • Full wellness report
  • Progress report on all follow-up scans
  • And more…

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