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The power of precise body measurements

We started Future Health Fitness to give everyone accurate measurement data to make positive health choices, give an effective motivation tool, and a better way to track their progress. So, it was time to practice what we preach and I decided to take on a 12 week challenge.

I was a perfect candidate for a rapid, behaviour-changing challenge. Historically I have always been a fit and active person however I am now heading for my 50’s at a startling rate and have been in a desk job for the past few years. The healthier body of my 30s was changing and not in a good way.

To be honest I was in a bit of a rut and had not been paying enough attention to my health and wellbeing. After turning 40 my right knee started playing up and, despite minor surgery, it continues to cause me discomfort and has now been diagnosed with arthritis. My shoulders are both suffering from impingement and pain. I was at a point of either doing as little as possible to avoid pain and discomfort or I could accept that my body was different and that it was no excuse to let it deteriorate. My age makes it even more important that I get in to better shape and maintained my body for a healthier happier life.

So, I jumped onto one of our scanners which provides report that pulls no punches and just shows what you are made of:

  • 25% of my body was made up of fat, only 3% away from being considered at risk from heart, cardiovascular, respiratory diseases, diabetes and other diseases1
  • visceral fat was at 500g
  • my waist circumference was 87.8cm which is only 2.2 cm away from again being ‘At Risk’ from the various diseases mentioned above.

What shocked me the most was the size my tummy! I have a mirror in my house but my dear protective ego was telling that it wasn’t that big, that I was just carrying a few extra pounds and there nothing to worry about but there it was in plain sight on the report, just bulging out.

Without the scan I could have continued to convince myself that I was in pretty good shape ‘for my age’ and the midlife spread would have continued to grow. It was time to take control, have some discipline and get back into shape!

With my joints beginning to wear and my body continuing to age I wanted to protect my body by adding some muscle. Weight training increases muscle mass which protects joints, increases bone density, and increases metabolism which assists with burning of fat. My plan was for 8 weeks to hit the weights, ensure I ate enough food to build muscle, andthe right foods so that my diet was clean and free from junk. That was it. No crash or fad dieting, in fact eating plenty and eating well!

We normally recommend no less than 4 weeks between scans to ensure enough for a significant body change. Styku claim that their scanners measure with a 2mm accuracy and a with a 99.6% reliability. So, wanting to test these claims, I decided to scan myself every 2 weeks. Amazingly the reports were able show a continued improvement in my body’s measurements. My waist circumference measurement readings continued to decrease and my body fat% continued to decrease.


The scales showed me I’d gained 1.5kg of weight but, the scanner was able to show me that my muscle mass increased by 3.4% and that my fat mass decreased by 3.5%. So, I was getting heavier but loosing fat! Additionally, my waist circumference measurements were decreasing and my abdominal circumference had reduced by 4.5cm.

Scales would have been useless to track my performance . Also, at the beginning of the 8 weeks I had a BMI of 24.7, which is the ‘healthy range’ for BMI, at the 8 week mark my BMI was at 25.4 suggesting that I was now overweight2. These measurement tools and calculations just aren’t representative of what was happening with my body.

Being able to visualise the reduction in waist circumference and understand my fat % was decreasing and my body composition was improving, despite my weight increasing was the greatest motivation. My tummy was disappearing, and I could actually see the progress!

Two waist circumference measurements overlaid with one much narrower than the other

Big changes after 8 weeks


My aim for the next 4 weeks was to lose fat mass but try and maintain the muscle mass I had gained. I love eating, a lot, so this took a lot more self-control! I continued eating the same clean food however in smaller quantities. At the gym I continued to lift weights, although lowered the weight a little, and increased the reps. I also reduced the rest time between sets and added in some more cardio to my routine.

Once again, our Styku scanners provided me with the accuracy and details that I needed and continued to motivate me along the way. During these last 4 weeks I lost 0.6kg of muscle but managed to burn 1kg of fat, reducing my body’s fat % by an additional 1%.

Over the course of 12 weeks, with the help of our Styku scanners and a bit of hard work, I had:

  • reduced my body fat% down from 25% ‘average’ down to 20.5% and ‘fit’
  • reduced the circumference around my abdominals by 5.8 cm
  • lost 3.2 kg of fat and gained 3.0 kg of muscle
  • increased my bone density by over 4%
  • and could visually see the difference in my body most noticeably the disappearance of my tummy.
A progression of bodies in profile where the stomach shrinks in each one

Look at that tummy disappear!

Unbelievably after 12 weeks of hard slog my weight was the same as I started (200g lighter) and my BMI exactly the same. Now I have more energy, feel great, am fitter and healthier and thanks to Styku can prove it!

The final report showing the positive progress

Genuinely stoked with these results

Curious to see all the data? Here’s my scan reports so you can see exactly how the reports work:

At Future Health Fitness our mission is to provide everyone an accurate and meaningful overview of their body and our Styku scanners are a game changer. It’s no longer about losing weight or getting skinnier; it’s about finding a way to improve your health and wellbeing so that you can live a long happy life and we are here to help you along the way!

We hope you’ve been inspired to Book a Future Health Fitness body scan.

1. Analysis based on long-term studies done by the WHO (World Health Organization) & the NIH (National Institute of Health)
2. According to the US Department of Health and Human Services.

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