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Our on-demand Styku 3D body surface scanning service gives you the perfect measurement, goal tracking, and motivation system for your wellness journey.  

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Troy Flower CEO WellTeam

WellTeam Scanning Partnership

Future Health Fitness would like to welcome Wellteam onboard as a scanning partner.  Wellteam is the brainchild of Troy Flower to assist 40-60+ year old men needing guidance and support with their health and wellbeing.

At Future Health Fitness I have seen a influx of 40+ men starting to take a keen interest in their lifestyles and so Wellteam fits in perfectly to the Future Health Fitness ethos of small changes for big wellness gains.

Future Health Fitness will be providing more insights into Wellteam members current health and wellness, offering the data that is needed to make sure they are keeping on track, or what they might need to do to find that wellness balance that is normal for them.

Troy Flower CEO WellTeam

What does Wellteam do?

Wellteam runs online programs for men 40 – 60+ that challenge men to experiment with simple wellbeing tips, shortcuts, hints, experiments, formula’s and more. These activities or ‘hacks’ are easy to start, simple to understand and possible to maintain.  They typically release simple ‘blocks’ that can seriously affect our capacity to optimise our ‘second half’.

We assemble evidence-based hacks in a specific order to maximise their compounding effect. We run them as ‘self-serve programs’.

Programs cover a range of inter-related activities across the mind, body, movement, purpose, socialisation and energy. We compliment online content with face-to-face opportunities through Wellteam events.

Programs can be done solo and our Scorecard tool allows men to answer some questions and have a customised program assembled for them.

Many men “apprehensively” at first, will join a team program, finding something else they’re not aware they’re missing… camaraderie, mateship and a sense of belonging to something important. This is part of the Wellteam advantage.

WellTeam Website

How to join Wellteam

WellTeam has a new website where you can go and get more information, go to https://www.wellteam.me/ to do so.  Troy has scheduled events that you can find here https://www.wellteam.me/events and more information on the programs offered here https://www.wellteam.me/challenges .

If you would like more information contact the team on team@wellteam.me

Wellteam Member Bookings

When you are ready to book please click here


Once booked you will receive an email with more information in it regarding the scan and what to expect.

We look forward to meeting with you and completing your 3D body composition scan and consult.

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